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Southeast Daviess Fire District

Southeast Daviess County Fire District Chief: Rhett Williams

Assistant Chief: Jason Davis

28 other members.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/southeastdaviessfiredistrict

Jason gave us a tour of the fire station in Alfordsville, which together with Glendale (Harrison Township) are the "Southeast Daviess Fire District."

Most important messages they'd like to get out to the public:

  • Have your house address on both sides of your mailbox and in large numbers on your house.
  • If you think you're going to need us, don't wait till you're "100% sure!" Call us!
  • Please do not overload circuits.

The Southeast Fire District all-volunteer firefighting force responds to calls, and the majority of those are medical runs (for ambulance support).  There are also brushfires, a few structure fires, car fires, among other kinds of calls.

The rural fire districts have Tanker Trucks - because there are precious few (as in none) fire hydrants in rural areas.  Fire departments have to bring their own water in tanker trucks.  Mutual aid agreements throughout the county and adjoining counties ensure that no large fire will ever be without more than enough help (and water).

Firefighters gather frequently each  month for training, and training topics include creating a "pond" for the water from any nearby body of water.  The man-made pond is serves as a filter for the water before it is pumped into a tanker truck for use on-site.  Otherwise, when back at the station, the tankers which hold 3,000 gallons, can fill up in just a few minutes from a specially-built hose.

They encourage persons who are interested in being a volunteer firefighter to get "Firefighter 1 Instruction" (aka "Fire 1").

All of the volunteer firefighters work, and as we get pictures of them, these (and their names) will be added.

The are part of Daviess County's "Thin Red Line."