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Town of Odon / Madison Township FD (& Van Buren)

Sponsored by Graber's Green Gables Bed & Breakfast of Odon

Town of Odon Fire Chief: Alan Hart
Madison Township Fire Chief: Greg Clark

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Odon-Volunteer-Fire-Department-147437412268531

The twenty members of the Madison Twp Fire Department very much join their Town of Odon firefighter brothers to thank the people of Odon for their incredible support!

Their most recent firetruck arrived clear of any debt, in large part thanks to the people of Odon, who had fundraisers to help pay for the fire truck.

The firefighters of Odon receive many different kinds of calls, and while there are some medical calls (ambulance support), there are field fires, fires resulting from overheated corn dust and also from saw dust.

They also answer calls for mishaps on I-69.

About the worst they can recall was the summer of 1984 when two buildings burned.

The departments are all-volunteer, and all the firefighters work.  Their places of business understand when a call comes in.

They recommend individuals interested in becoming volunteer firefighters to come to meetings.  For those who join a fire department, it is important to take the mandatory "Module A" firefighting course. This course must be taken in the first year of being on a department.

If they could make a request, it would be for people to have their house's 911 address on both sides of their mailbox and in large numbers on their house. Reflective numbers would be extremely helpful.

They echo a sentiment of all the firefighters we have had the honor of talking with so far, and that is this: "If you think you're going to need us, do not hesitate! Call us! Do not wait!"  This helps them help you.

(And they also say "Thank you for supporting your local fire department!")

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