Thank a Hoosier Farmer

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Hoping for a better year on the farm

I looked at the extended forecast earlier this week. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that those predicted warmer temperatures also come with several days filled with rain. It was sort of a flashback to a year I'd rather forget for quite a few reasons.

Last year wasn't kind to farmers or backyard gardeners for that matter. Some people planted multiple times. Some tilled multiple times but never planted and some never tilled or planted. Mother Nature just didn't want to cooperate.

At the farm, we planted a little early and a whole lot of late. Some things came off around the same time they always do, some things had better yields and some things I wish we hadn't even planted. Apparently the same issues held true for seed companies as many of them experienced crop failure on everything from grape tomatoes and peppers to honeydew and watermelons. Some of your favorite ornamentals including asparagus fern and popcorn plants may also be in short supply this year.

If there's one thing I've learned it's that farming, whether it's row or specialty crops, livestock or horticulture products, farming is always a gamble. Nevertheless, it's apparently a form of gambling I have a bit of an addiction to.