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An E Ticket Ride to St. Francisville!

St. Francisville, Illinois

Your GPS probably suggests taking South 6th Street Road to South Hoods Road... so, you take a right.  And you continue on, enjoying your convenience store cappuccino (the Cantwell Marathon on Kimmell Road has the best).  Then, you come to a fork in the road, and not having had much in the way of adrenaline lately, you decide to go left.

And you turn onto Wabash Cannon Ball Road.

Two things in your favor: it's daytime, and there's not much traffic (not any, in fact, which is very unusual).

The lush green on both sides of the road give way to a steeper, narrower roadway... in fact, a one-lane road. And one that's highly tricky.

The history of this road is vast, and much can be found at the Lawrence County Historical Society Museum, as well as the Geneology Center (both in Lawrenceville), but that's not on your mind right now.

You're on an incredibly narrow road, and your fists are gripping the steering wheel like it's a lifeline. You're driving as slowly as you possibly can over what was once a railroad bridge, and you can see over the sides to the Wabash River.  As if that weren't enough, you can see through the bottom of the roadway - between the - ties? Is that what those are?  Your coffee is long forgotten now as you are completely focused on the moment and surviving this white-knuckled ride on the Cannon Ball Bridge.

Miraculously, you encountered no oncoming traffic.  You follow the road to a manned toll booth/building, and all they want is a dollar for a Disney E Ticket Ride.

Your hands shaking, you find a dollar, and offer it to the man. 

He asks if you're okay.

Just fine, you respond.

And you then drive to the town with quite an act to follow! St. Francisville! Home of some of the winningest high school basketball teams AND home of Prince Charming!

For those stories and more, return soon!  And click here for video of crossing the bridge!

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